A Caregiver's Survival Guide to Life, Love, Cancer, and Hope

“It turned our whole world upside down.  It’s an odd—and frightening—thing that life can take a complete turn in a matter of minutes.  Within one minute, as the doctor told us those words, everything changed.  Life as we previously knew it, was gone.”  



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What readers are saying about the book

Richard Kepple, Tustin, CA

MS, LMFT (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist)

Joel Hughes’s new book, In Your Corner is a great resource for those who are experiencing the devastation of Cancer. Whether you are the one with the illness or the caregiver, In Your Corner chronicles the journey of Rebekah and Joel through inexplicable odds, and is a testament to the power of God."

Philip Young, Bend, OR

Husband to Cathie, Stage 3B Breast Cancer patient and survivor

In his book "In Your Corner", author Joel Hughes speaks authentically and powerfully about being the loved one and caregiver of someone with cancer. In order to write this kind of book, you need to have earned your stripes. We don't want to hear from someone who has learned about such things in school. We want to hear from someone who has walked the walk, cried the tears and anguished with sorrow as they watch their beloved stand up to cancer or whatever trial or tragedy they are facing. Joel meets that requirement and more. He's no civilian in this war -- he lives on the front lines. With aching accuracy he expresses the best and worst moments of what it takes to be the one committed to being "in the corner" with someone facing the worst enemy they've ever known. As we read this book, Joel's story transposes on top of ours and we learn from him as he shares about his journey with Rebekah. 

Your spouse has cancer…

What in the world do you do?

How do you stay strong?

People with cancer typically get the attention and care from the world.  Rightly so.  But what about the unsung heroes of those caring day and night for people with cancer—or any debilitating illness?  Caregiver’s struggle with their own unique fears, hurts, frustrations, and stresses.  If that sounds familiar, then this book is for you.  In it you will discover:

  • The stories of two remarkable people overcoming serious life tragedies
  • The emotions and struggles that spouses/caretakers undergo and how to overcome them
  • The hidden blessings of struggle and even tragedy
  • The true means of finding a hope that can’t be lost
  • The tools to love yourself and your spouse through the toughest times

Bonus #1


The book contains a link to give you special access to these five never before seen videos of Joel and Rebekah.  Each video corresponds to key chapters in the book. The video topics include:

  • Cancer and Fear
  • Cancer and Anger
  • Cancer and Loneliness
  • Cancer and Hidden Blessings
  • Cancer and Hope
    • Don Anderson

      Irvine, CA

      I read Joel’s book this week, and I don’t know when a book has made such an impact on me! Sunday was the first time I had met him, and I now have the impression that I know him intimately—he’s so transparent in describing what he has been going through and the feelings it has roused in him. It also helped me in understanding my son who has been the chief caregiver for his wife during the past two years.

      A Look Inside

      This book is not based on theory.  It's based in raw reality by a couple learning how to turn a tragedy into a triumph.  

      Part 1 -  Introduces you to Joel and Rebekah, tells their stories before and after cancer, and shares what the diagnosis meant to them in those early days.  

      Part 2 - Joel talks about the common emotions and struggles that he goes through as a husband/caregiver.  He also talks about his specific strategies in overcoming such struggles--strategies anyone can implement.  

      Part 3 - Loads of practical application!  Joel shares how he's learning to love his wife through the toughest circumstances.  This section is a great resource for any couple struggling to keep the flame alive.  

      Bonus #2

      Bonus #3 

      Direct Access to Joel and Rebekah

      Inside the book is our direct email address to say hi, ask any questions, or share your story/journey with us.  We would love to hear from you and help you become the hero of your story.  We need each other in this journey.

      "There is nothing as raw and real as this book and these resources in the cancer / caregiving world!  In fact, this is a resource for anyone in need of real hope!"